THE KKK BUS - Coming Soon

The year is 1994. Ace of Base Saw the Sign, Jim Carrey was Sssmoooookin’ in the Mask, and the world smelt like a mixture of Impulse ‘Destiny’ and CK ‘One’ perfume. 

This  script is based on one of my childhood memories when my uncle Kerry Kay, purchased a second hand Japanese tourist bus (it was yellow with pictures of fruit on the sides) to take a group of Maori kids (dressed in a school uniform consisting of Scottish tartan kilts) to a fancy high school in a neighbouring upper class rural town. Because of the controversy surrounding us attending this school, we would often be stopped by the police on our daily route to school. 

Oh... and did I mention he named his bus Kerry K Koaches? aka... the KKK Bus. 

*Script currently in development.