SH!TSHOW - Coming Soon


GENRE: Comedy Sitcom

RELEASE: In Development

This is the world of SH!TSHOW, where a young woman returns home to NZ to help one mismatched team of carnival workers takes their creaky old rides, deliciously horrifying food creations, and rampant dysfunction from town to town on New Zealand’s South Island. 

We have games, we have rides, but most of all at the heart of it we have this crazy weird, travelling whanau of all sorts. Could the carnival run without them? Yes, definitely, like 100%,  But would it be nearly as fun? Absolutely not. 

So double-check your lap bar one more time, folks, and get ready for a mostly-intentionally bumpy ride  of a show - As our carnival owner would say, “Time to get this shit-show on the road.”

CREATED BY: Jaimee Poipoi, Teresa Bass & Matasila Freshwater

Based on stories from Jaimee's 6+ years living/working at a traveling carnival in the USA.